Rev up your engines and get ready to combine your love for cars with exciting rewards! Introducing the Park+ quiz, where your passion for Cars could lead to filling up your tank without spending a dime. Here's how you can play, win, and fuel up:

Park+ app Quiz is a daily quiz that users can participate quiz to win free Park+ petrol. Everyday, you have the chance to get free 50ml petrol by play quiz and answering correctly.

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Launch the Park+ app and navigate to the quiz i give daily solution of quiz.

Park+ Quiz Answers Today 23th September 2023

Which company uses slogan- “Sheer Driving Pleasure”?
Ans: A.BMW
Which is the largest car maker by sales?
Ans. A. Toyota
Safety system that prevents wherl loco during braking?
Ans. B. ABS
What helps cars maintain stability when cornering?
Ans. C. ESC
What type of car is designed for odd road driving?
Ans. C. SUV

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