growfitter health quiz answers today

growfitter quiz answers

growfitter today quiz answers

growfitter quiz answers today

How's it different?

Growfitter's health quiz is knowledge assessment not self-assessment. Developed and verified by health experts. Having good health-literacy is a sign of living a healthy lifestyle. You can take the quiz and earn an active day if you score 70% or more.

  1. You can take the quiz once per day
  2. To get an active day, you must score 70% or more
  3. Premium members can earn up to 2 active days per week by taking the quiz
  4. Free members can earn 1 active day per week by taking the quiz
  5. The quiz will have 10 questions on topics ranging from nutrition, fitness, exercise & general health knowledge
  6. You will get 15 seconds per question to submit the answer
  7. Once the answer is selected, it can't be changed
  8. Once the quiz starts, every question must be attempted for a valid activity count
  9. You can't leave the quiz or go back once it begins. If the quiz is exited, the progress will be lost and you cannot retake the quiz on the same day
  10. For more information, read the terms and conditions in the profile section of the app

What's in the quiz?

Questions covering integrative health concepts like

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • General Medical


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1. Brine a solution of ____ and water is needed in order to make pickles.

2. A regular exercise program can help to regulate metabolism by directly increasing___.

3. To lower your daily calorie intake you can employ the following procedure

4. ____ is needed to heal cuts and wounds and to absorb iron from dark green vegetables.

5. Which of the following is an antioxidant?

6. Which type of training is a form of exercise characterized by periods of hard work followed by brief periods of recovery.

7. Eggs from pastured hens were found to have higher levels of ____ than eggs from caged hens.

8. Which of these is added to the food lable because people sometimes don't eat ENOUGH of this?

9. Which of these eating habits is not linked with losing weight and keeping it off?

10. In which position are the knees when starting to do crunches?

11. Lifting weights will make women 'body builder bulky.

12. Which should you apply if you think you've strained a muscle?

13. An option for ___ beginners is to buy or rent a Zumba DVD.

14. Most training plans suggest a runner will be properly prepared for a marathon if they are able to run what distance in training?

15. During a plank how should the spine be positioned?

16. Muscle weighs more than fat.

17. Which of the following injuries is an overuse injury?

18. There are many signs and symptoms of cancer.

19. The more you exercise the better it is for your health.

20. Which of the following diets encourages intake of nutrient-dense foods above calorie-dense foods by employing a point system?

21. Which of the following is a good reason to replace brown rice with quinoa?

22. Low-intensity lower-body resistance training was shown to increase circulating levels of

23. Using less weight and higher repetitions will help develop muscular strength.

24. The team 'heart failure' means the heart has stopped working completely.

25. TO maximize gardening exercise results experts recommened doing what as part of the workout routine?

26. A person can have chronic kidney disease without symptoms

27. Where is the esophagus located?

28. Your ___ consists of the foods you eat and drink regularly.

29. What is the key role of carbohydrates in the diet?

30. A shortage of iron can cause a blood disease called anemia.

31. Topical or oral administration of peppermint oil/tea is linked with reducing symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by

32. Why is protein an essential part of diet?

33. Kinesio Taping can be used on certain injuries to provide support and ___.

34. Amino acid ___ supplementation can increase muscle carnosine levels improving performance during high-intensity activity.

35. Homemade meals can provide clean eating by replacing what common store-bought or restaurant food?

36. A basic food______ contains foods that supply simple nutrients.

37. A 'food additive' is defined as any substance that is added to a food during ___

38. The FDA has approved 2 pills containing synthetic THC the active ingredient in marijuana. What are limitations of these drugs?

39. Sitting all day at a desk job raises risk for health problems. What is the best way to minimize the health impact?

40. Which of the following exercises works the chest best?

41. Which exercise relieves leg soreness/ muscle tightness and can be performed at work while standing in 1 place?

42. For an individual who is obese which of the following would be a positive change to their diet?

43. According to the National Institutes of Health an upcoming development in the cooking oil refinement process is ___

44. children should get 60 minutes of exercise daily.

45. What is physical fitness?

46. Which region of the brain responds to appetite suppression signals?

47. How can you avoid sabotaging your healthy eating routine while attending a party?

48. A ___ cup of dried fruit is equal to a serving.

49. A strong core means the strength/ power produced by the legs can be transferred to the ___.

50. 4th grade students need how many calories/day?

51. Group exercises are always more productive than working out alone

52. Body composition is the relative amounts of _____ and fat found in your body:

53. Which of the following is one of the most common complaints people have after performing pilates?

54. In order to lose weight it recommended that individuals consume fewer calories than their ___.

55. To prevent cut apples from turning brown____.

56. If 1 minute of hard exercise boosts health does that invalidate standard advice to get 2.5 hrs. of moderate exercise/week?

57. As served a portion of which Chipotle toppings contains the most total fat?

58. By way of direct compression around a joint using rubber straps joint flossing is intended to reduce ___.

59. Fitness experts suggest an effective way to encourage kids to participate in exercise with adults is letting them ___.

60. An Indiana University study identified which of the following as an intervention just as effective as using a standing desk?

61. Why is fibre an essential part of diet?

62. Mixed with special grains or a culture starter and fermented with ___ kefir is full of beneficial bacteria.

63. Cardiovascular fitness is best improved by activities that employ ___ working dynamically.

64. Physical fitness is

65. Which of the following methods of training would be MOST suitable to include in a training programme designed to improve the performance for a long distance runner?

66. What causes the skin malady known as acne?

67. Nutrients that provide energy and promote healthy skin and normal growth.

68. Generally the largest release of human growth hormone is at what time of the day?

69. Which type of antioxidant-rich oil is unrefined like extra virgin olive oil but with a higher smoke point?

70. High cholesterol is not seen in children.

71. Which cardiovascular exercise is low-impact exercise that can strengthen muscles without injuring arthrithic joints?

72. What do cancer doctors recommend for chemotherapy patients who take fish-oil supplements?

73. Zumba taken by 6 million people each week in 50000 locations in 75 countries expanded to include baby boomers with Zumba

74. The low-fat insanity workout regimen endorses a diet ratio of 40% protein 40% carbs and 20%___.

75. Which of the following produce items is the least caloric?

76. People on dialysis should eat reduced amounts of potassium.

77. The daily caloric requirements are lower____.

78. You have a lot of control over your overall health and fitness.

79. Oxygen shortage during HIIT exercise leads to which process that speeds your metabolic rate and boosts it for 48 hours?

80. A 2016 study found that regular consumption of whole grains reduced inflammation that had a protective effect against ___

81. What type of exercise interval shows fitness improvements while being safer for middle-aged people adding intervals to workout?

82. Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs) can be defined as _____.

83. A burpee is a full-body exercise that provides a full cardiovascular workout. How is a burpee perfomed?

84. You should warm up before exercising.

85. During interval training the high-intensity workout is followed by what?

86. What are the chest Muscles called?

87. Which of the following is an example of a moderate-intensity exercise?

88. Accoding to the Eatwell Plate which of the following food groups should make up the largest section of the food plate?

89. For a regular bench press how far down should elbows go when holding the weight at the lowest point?

90. With regard to protein absorption all of the following are true EXCEPT:

91. Which nutrients are especially important for promoting good bone strength?

92. Your toes are pointed in which direction for a good squat?

93. A 2015 investigation found the house brand of ginkgo biloba at a major retail store didn t contain the herb but did contain what?

94. Which of the following can be caused by a calcium-deficient diet?

95. Type 1 diabetes was previously known as juvenile diabetes.

96. To get any brain benefit from exercise you need to make major lifestyle changes.

97. Drinking water can help you lose weight.

98. Strength training exercises that target the core muscles include____.

99. Which food do people often avoid due to the myth that it increases risk of heart disease by increasing blood cholesterol levels?

100. When using an elliptical machine which direction is it most advantageous to face?

101. Brisk walking is a great source of exercise.

102. Which one of these exercises targets more major muscle groups?

103. In general can type 2 diabetes be prevented?

104. Experts say someone exercising for what reason should avoid doing it in a fasted state?

105. Most of us use just 10 percent of our brains but some forms of meditation can unleash the power of the other 90 percent.

106. Which of these is not one of the four humours described in ancient medicine?

107. Children should get in at least an hour of physical activity each day.

108. While desk is lowered it might be ergonomically prudent and healthier for blood circulation to be seated on ___

109. I feel healthy so it isn't important to schedule a regular checkup with my doctor.

110. For people who are truly allergic to milk what component of milk is inciting the immune system to mistakenly respond?

111. When was the first book on birth control published in the U.S.?

112. Neuromuscular Integrative Action or NIA workouts are aq blend of martial arts and dance to relieve stress. These movements_____

113. The benefits of recovery technology can be a result of a person's desired expectations. what is this known as?

114. The ingredient in omega-3 fish oil that may interfere with cancer treatment is found

115. Food that are high in fat can raise blood ______ leavels.

116. High intensity interval workouts result in ____ increases in EPOC compared to endurance workouts.

117. High blood pressure is a factor that may influence the formation of a(n)____

118. What is the major monosaccharide found in the body?

119. Skipping breakfast is a good way to avoid weight gain whilst saving money.

120. What does HIIT Stand for?

121. Women need more protein than men.

122. One advantage of soy protein is that like meat it contains which of the following

123. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to taking steroids during his career?

124. Which of these contribute to high blood pressure?

125. One of the best types of exercise for older adults is walking.

126. From an efficiency standpoint this type of exercise gives people the most results with the least amount of time spent exercising.

127. The key to awesome 'cut' abs is to do 800-1000 repetitions spread over several different exercises every time you work abs.

128. What happens during the dilation of blood vessels?

129. Which of the following best describes anaerobic work?

130. FOr higher likelihood of success experts recommend that even during the eating window someone on a fast should avoid ___

131. Which of the following food items is rich in iron ?

132. Fitness trainers say calisthenics jumping jacks jump rope lunges can help shift workers who experience what after a long day?

133. Eating chocolates may lead to...

134. Prior to exercise riding a stationary bicycle walking up stairs and ___ are activities the NIH suggests to avoid knee problems.

135. Dairy products are a good source of Vitamin D.

136. Which nutrient may be hard to get if you re on a vegetarian or vegan diet?

137. When you re huffing and puffing you re exercising at just the right pace.

138. Which muscles have greater activation when doing integrated exercises as opposed to isolated exercises?

139. Which of the following is a good source of iron?

140. What is the proper form when beginning a bench press?

141. When you do abdominal exercises using weights e.g. with ab-machine cables or other methods it is important to use the heaviest weight you can as long as your exercise form (execution) is correct.

142. Crunches (sit-ups) will flatten your belly.

143. If you are a vegetarian you may need to take a supplement for vitamins D and B12 as you age.

144. Most cases of dry skin are caused by disease or infection.

145. Which of the following is an easy way to measure good fitness?

146. Where is your hamstring muscle?

147. Eating enough calcium helps prevent osteoporosis.

148. Accoding to the BBC's 'Truth About Healthy Eating' documentary. which of these drinks is the most hydrating?

149. Insulin is a natural hormone secreted by which organ or gland?

150. All blue-eyed people have a common ancestor.

151. An upside-down pendulum starts with feet wider than hip-width apart and knees ___

152. Which of the following exercises done properly or improperly is most likely to cause neck injuries?

153. Which type commonly has a sensitive digestive tract and would do best on a primarily vegetarian diet?

154. Which of the following should be avoided when programming for 14-16 year olds?

155. Which common picnic ingredient often blamed for food poisoning might actually help stave off harmful bacteria?

156. In order to lose or maintain your weight, you should never eat meals after 8 pm.

157. One way to measure the nutrient density of foods is using the ANDI scale or the 'Aggregate Nutrient Density ___'

158. Aerobic exercise is just as effective as medication at boosting mood and easing symptoms of depression.

159. There are many different types of lactic acid bacteria; the bacteria usually used to make yogurt are known as ____ bacteria.

160. The hanging knee raise hanging from elbows in straps bringing knees to chest works the abdominals while ___

161. Which drug passed the clinical trial comprised of 18 patients battling rectal cancer and provided 100% recovery?

162. Which of the following is a major source of lactose?

163. Healthy older adults should eat at least 30 grams of fiber each day in a 2000-calorie diet.

164. Regularly eating a diet high in which nutrient will boost overall testosterone (T) levels?

165. One variant of the squat with a barbell uses the California arm position which has a unique ___

166. What is one of the main health benefits from sitting on a stability ball at work?

167. During a lying leg raise place hands under___ with palms facing down.

168. What is the chief symptom of the visual disorder known as diplopia?

169. An effect of deep rhythmic breathing (pranayama) is which of the following?

170. The older we get the less we need regular exercise.

171. One way to keep food costs down and yet have a variety of foods in your pantry is to buy generic brands instead of name brands.

172. It is better to only eat a big lunch and dinner than eating smaller meals throughout the day.

173. Artificial sweeteners are linked to certain kinds of cancers

174. Steamed vegetables retain more vitamins than vegetables cooked in water

175. Which of the following is a fermented dairy product rich in probiotics and similar to yogurt?

176. Medications that lower cholesterol are called statins.

177. Which of these vitamins or minerals is most abundant in row celery?

178. Health is

179. A calorie is a unit of weight.

180. Which vegetable is considered calcium-rich?

181. Eggs consist of proteinous egg white and golden yolk. Studies indicate that for most people it is healthiest to eat____.

182. What piece of equipment can be used to train the pectoral muscles?

183. As a parent sometimes you have to sneak in exercise rather than stick to a rigorous routine. One way is to ____ at a distance.

184. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) which of the following is true about most food additives?

185. You can get an idea of how hard you re exercising by talking or singing.

186. The traits you inherit from your parents i.e.: diabetes that influence your wellness are known as?

187. Weight loss occurs in belly before anywhere else

188. Steatorrhea is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:

189. Athletes need much more protein than other people.

190. Which food item has fat?

191. Foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. Also called energy dense.

192. Trans fats are a healthy form of fat.

193. On Tuesday you wake up and your knees are very sore and it is causing you an extreme amount of pain to put pressure on them. What could be the reason for this pain?

194. What is a normal resting heart rate for an adult?

195. Exercise can be fun.

196. Which of the following can be a side effect of isometric exercises:

197. What food contain calcium?

198. ___ is known in Ayurveda as the universal remedy and it has been used for more than 2000 years to treat digestive issues.

199. The first stethoscope was made of?

200. What are two of the most effective treatments for knee pain according to the Harvard Health Letter?

201. The bread cereal rice and pasta group is good source of ____?

202. Which out of the following choices is the best way to lose weight and keep it off?

203. Cells related to _____ divide remarkably faster than other cells in the body.

204. Which of the following meats is generally the lowest in calories and fat?

205. Finding a creative solution to exercise if you have erratic work hours makes you more likely to have which of the following?

206. Which of these scientists made a major contribution to the development of the thermometer?

207. You can survive longer without food than without water.

208. The way you act think or feel that causes you to make one choice over another is your

209. Is it possible for two meals that contain the same number of calories to have different amounts of energy?

210. Clean eating s focus on unprocessed food is overall healthy. However eliminating all food processing might lead to what?

211. When doing muscular strength and endurance training it is best to start with?

212. A rowing machine trains arms legs and abdominals?

213. Moderate-intensity physical activity such as brisk walking is safe for most people.

214. Growing mint is a way to enjoy its benefits without added pesticides. Its roots grow vigorously so its best to plant mint

215. People with hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid in the blood) are prescribed a low-purine diet or a purine-free diet because of the inability to metabolize and excrete purines. Which of these foods is high in purines?

216. Complete the text with the missing word: When someone begins exercising heart rate will ___ This will allow a greater supply of blood and therefore oxygen to reach the working muscles.

217. Blueberries can help prevent cancer.

218. Should your cardio workout come before strength training?

219. Arnold Schwarzenegger admitted to taking steroid during his career?

220. Too much exercise can interfere with sleep

221. There is no need to start slowly when beginning a physical activity program.

222. Which food often written off as empty calories actually contains 32% DV of one s potassium needs per serving?

223. Pepole with more ____ burn more calories at rest than those who have less.

224. If you didn t sweat you didn t have a good workout.

225. What other kind of cookware has a risk of leaching unhealthy metal into food?

226. A sneeze occurs at about 100 miles an hour.

227. What are two of the most effective ab exercises (Measured by muscle activity in the rectus abdominis and abliques)?

228. Lack of Vitamin A leads to which disease?

229. The crouching hover plank done by lifting knees off the floor in a table top position is an option for people with soreness where?

230. What is the main reason for eating a wide variety of foods?

231. Portion size can be very difficult to measure when

232. Eating soup as an appetizer can help reduce calorie intake. Which kind of soup is most likely to help those watching calories?

233. What's an ab exercise that can be done just after waking up and stretching in the morning before getting out of bed?

234. Which of these choices is the greatest benefit of using a jogging stroller?

235. Most of the work with pilates is ____ and is performed in a ____ position.

236. People can be born with heart disease

237. Regular physical exercise helps to prevent cardiac health problems associated with what?

238. Which A1C blood glucose test result is in the range for prediabetes?

239. Humans can live for seven weeks without food

240. The weight that is best for you is

241. Your brain consumes one-fifth of the total energy that your body expends when resting.

242. Health experts claim that people need six to eight glasses of water a day. If you eat fruits and vegetables does this contribute to your daily water intake?

243. A person can have chronic kidney disease without symptoms.

244. Multiple studies have found a link between the amount of television viewd by children and ____

245. Health benefits of physical activity far outweigh the risks of adverse events for ___

246. Which of the following activities is the best choice for strengthening hips?

247. Even something as simple as a ___ can offer a good home workout for the time and cash-strapped parent.

248. If you re over 50 strength training doesn't really do much and you run the risk of injury.

249. When should you do your warm ups?

250. Fats helps your brain and nervous system develop?

251. The Rectus Abdominus (RA) is actually composed of 3 separate muscles - the upper RA middle RA and lower RA.

252. Measuring temperature is common for nurses. When measuring what temperature is considered normal for an individual?

253. Which of the following fruit juices has the most sugar?

254. Stretching before and after and before or after exercise does what for healthy adults?

255. When heart trouble is sensed who waits at least two hours before help is called?

256. Walking at least 15 minutes a day can help boost your mood?

257. Which of the following statements describes a mental benefit of physical activity?

258. Don t try to relieve stress with any activity that makes you anxious even if the physical benefits are great. Why might this be?

259. If joints hurt mildly during exercise and continue to ache for up to 2 hours after a workout it may be time to ___

260. _____ is the ability to do work.

261. A small apple is one serving of fruit and is about the size of ___

262. All sports clothing shoud be washed regularly because dirty clothes

263. Even though eggs significantly raise low density (LDL or 'bad') cholesterol they also significantly raise

264. As we age some brain cells die but the brain continues to make new neurons and fine-tune neural connections as long as we live.

265. If a fat contains mostly saturated fatty acids it is likely to be

266. While in plank position pull in the ___.

267. Humans get most of the protein they need from water.

268. Opening your mind to new ways of doing things can improve your

269. How long does a diet need to be healthy without excess sugar to influence the results of an A1C blood test?

270. Fact or fiction: Exercising turns fat into muscle.

271. Fat is fat - there's only one type

272. It s important to stretch the left side of the body ___ the right side.

273. Which of these burns the most calories?

274. How does exercise reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes?

275. The study on vegetarian diet vs. conventional low-cal diet for weight loss defined 'vegetarian' as what?

276. Sit-ups or crunches are best for losing belly fat.

277. Freezing vegetables that are high in fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin A can help do what?

278. Health is .....

279. Cells related to ___ divide remarkably faster than other cells in the body.

280. As you grow older and become less active you need fewer nutrients in your diet.

281. A proper diet and exercise is best for weight control.

282. Which of these effects on the body would be the most likely result of smoking cigarettes?

283. Legumes (dry beans) are in which Food Guide Pyramid group?

284. Athlets need much more protein than other people.

285. The more you sweat during a workout the more fat the body is burning

286. Why does most arthritis treatment focus on easing joint pain rather than going after the cause of the problem?

287. The cardiovascular system is made up of

288. Milk cheese and eggs are the sources of

289. Which of the following can be a diet buster?

290. Which of the following are essential amino acids for infants?

291. Substances that are requred in small amounts to keep your body healthy and strong.

292. Which type of cell is found in the brain?

293. 'Plaques' are cholesterol deposits in the blood vessels and arteries.

294. Calories are used even at rest because of basic activities like breathing & digestion. What can increase calories needed at rest?

295. Most of the cholesterol in our diet comes from

296. While watching TV with children in the evening parents should trade sitting on the couch for ___

297. ___ is a hormone that encourages food addiction.

298. While exercising most people should break for water every 20 minutes.

299. Reverse dieting is often used by competitive athletes such as bodybuilders and fitness competitors to avoid what?

300. Which of the following demonstrates the importance of CO-ORDINATION?

301. How do type 1 and type 2 diabetes differ?

302. Microvilli villi and circular folds are unique modifications that enhance ___ in the ___.

303. Which of these is a common source of vitamin A?

304. A workout consisting of 2 or more exercises that target the muscle groups without rest are called a ___.

305. ___ is the energy needed to digest and absorb nutrients from food.

306. If cooking fresh spinach about how much raw spinach is needed to provide a 1/2 cup serving of cooked spinach?

307. Which of these is a good way to lose weight while staying healthy?

308. Weight loss plans for teens how to deal with it?

309. Which of the following is considered an easily digestible source of protein?

310. Peristalsis an important process that propels food through the esophagus and small intestine is best described by which of the following choices?

311. Memory loss with age is unavoidable.

312. How much of the recommended intake of protein should be from seafood?

313. Which of the following is a form of fermented tea that contains a high amount of healthy gut bacteria?

314. Working out at a gym will provide the best results.

315. 16:8 and other fasting diets should only be started by someone who ____.

316. Studies find which tool best to relieve foot pain during a standing shift?

317. Which of the following is and Appropriate warm up?

318. Which of the following will primarly recruit type 2b muscle fiber in resistance training?

319. Patient on dialysis can replenish lost nutrients with over-the-counter vitamins.

320. What is the most common way that the blood sugar levels of a person are tested?

321. Which of the following can improve a person's cardiovascular fitness and body composition?

322. Thyroxine levels are measured with the ____blood test.

323. Which of the following is a strategy for remaining social at a party while decreasing alcohol intake?

324. Short-term marijuana smoking was linked in a 2015 study to what respiratory impact?

325. Where does digestion begin?

326. A low-carb diet can be a good choice for reducing belly fat.

327. When the muscle moves through a full range of motion during exercise it is called an isotonic exercise.

328. The most commonly suffered injuries while doing the CrossFit competitive exercise program are to the shoulder and ___

329. Stretching can improve your.

330. Which food is often falsely attributed with containing negative calories aka burns more calories than is ingested?

331. Only certain foods contain or are fortified with vitamin D. Which of the following would contain at least the United States National Institute of Health 'adequate intake' for most children and adults?

332. Vitamin B12 gives you more energy.

333. Doing high-intensity bodyweight exercises until breaking a sweat raises _ while building strength.

334. Humans use electricity when they think.

335. People on dialysis should maintain diets high in

336. In a competition squat what is the standard depth used?

337. Which supplement is thought to aid in the regeneration of damaged cartilage and help ease arthritis?

338. What percentage of the human body is water?

339. Pears and apples contain which soluble fiber that slows digestion and promotes feelings of fullness?

340. When icing an injury care should be taken to ___

341. Low-impact cardio workouts are ideal for ____

342. When satisfying a sweet craving nuts covered in what are the healthiest option?

343. Heatstroke is reversible.

344. What fraction of the human body is made up of blood?

345. Which exercise may need to be put on hold if recovering from a mild lower back injury?

346. The best fitness foods include all except

347. Dumbbell lunges are exercises that primarily target____.

348. Frequent hand-washing prevents illness.

349. Your body uses muscles to balance itself while standing still.

350. Which oil often used in raw desserts contains high levels of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTS) linked with exercise endurance?

351. ___ and elastin are important proteins in the skin that gives the skin structure and flexibility.

352. A person has been told by the doctor that his blood sugar levels are heading towards borderline diabetes. What is the best nutritional plan that he should adopt to keep his blood sugar levels low?

353. According to recent research proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) seem to have what effect on risk of dementia?

354. How long is an official distance marathon race?

355. Maintaining physical fitness requires major lifestyle changes.

356. All school-aged children should get a minimum of 2500 mg of Sodium a day.

357. What's the most important meal of the day?

358. Cholesterol in the body is produced by the liver.

359. Why is Greek yogurt thicker than regular yogurt?

360. Many forms of cancer can be avoided with proper diet and lifestyle.

361. A study found vegans have a body mass index (BMI) of 24.1 lowest of all vegetarians. A BMI of 24.1 is in what category of weight?

362. What is the recommended way to warm-up before exercising

363. Older adults should not be physically active.

364. High-mileage training can alter hormone levels & other biomarkers. What should a runner do ~2 weeks before a race to manage this?

365. Adults should take part in at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity every week.

366. Stott Pilates focuses on the natural curve of the spine and incarporates modern exercise techniques to ___ cord injuries.

367. BMI Body Mass Index is a more important measure of your health risks than your waist size

368. Dialysis is used to treat kidney failure.

369. Which of the following is recommended for someone who wants to get a good workout from swimming?

370. How can you avoid ruining a healthy day of eating with dessert?

371. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.

372. The healthiest source of protein is meat poultry fish or eggs.

373. Humans can live without water for a week

374. Heart rate monitors directly help you to?

375. What benefit does stretching have when squeezed into a long work day?

376. Which of these is a stimulant?

377. Which of the following nutrients is needed to build and maintain the structural components of the body?

378. Which of these controversial diets is characterised by a low carbohydrate high protein intake?

379. Nutrition regimes vary but generally ingesting 1.2g per kg bodyweight of what post-workout restores glycogen & aids recovery?

380. Co-ordination is

381. There is no such thing as too much protein

382. A superset with five or more consecutive exercises is known as

383. How many cups of shredded lettuce make up 50 calories?

384. Which of these statements is TRUE? (read carefully)

385. A variety of foods from all the group in the Food Pyramid is a good way to ensure a well-balanced diet

386. What type of plank can be difficult for someone with sensitive wrists to perform?

387. ____ requires a crunch at the torso. The core works to maintain balance as a leg is lifted up & one foot is balanced on.

388. Sweat is the main cause of body odor.

389. Which of these nuts is high in selenium and loaded with beta-sitosterol which may help relieve symptoms of an eniaged prostate?

390. Carrots are an example of a healthfull snack.

391. A study found the best ways to get people up from their chairs at work are to record sitting time set timers and provide____.

392. Body mass index (BMI) is a ratio of a person's weight to his or her

393. Blend dates with pistachios for a raw topping on fresh fruit.Compared with other nuts pistachios tend to be____.

394. Walking offers cardiac benefits and can ease symptoms of depression.

395. A substance needed by the body for growth energy repair and maintenance is called a ___

396. A 'push-up plank' is a bodyweight exercise similar to a plank and is a take on the traditional ___.

397. Diet is an example of which component of total fitness?

398. Accoding to the USDA there is no difference between a 'portion' and a 'serving'

399. Medically speaking which term refers to the kidney function?

400. Older bodies process alcohol more slowly and become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol.

401. Bear crawls are fun to do with crawling babies/toddlers and are excellent for strengthening ___.

402. Cold water is applied to treatment as a bruise because it

403. As with all vigorous workouts when the kids workout with parents the exercises should always begin with____

404. Tomatoes should be stored____

405. In addition to reducing the impact of stress on the body yoga is being studied to ease which of these medical conditions?

406. An Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics study showed which of the following has the greatest potential impact on kids behavior?

407. Nutrition is not essential for our body.

408. Walking just 10 minutes three times a day can help control high blood pressure.

409. The only purpose of the kidneys is to filter blood.

410. Which gardening task is considered a moderate level of exercise one that burns more calories & demands more oxygen than walking?

411. Crunches and sit-ups are the best way to lose belly fat.

412. A common surgical procedure in which a joint is viewed using a small camera is called____

413. Doing bridges with a toddler on the hips can be a fun horsey ride for the child and a great workout for strengthening

414. Lifting weights is the only way to strengthen your muscles.

415. Even spinach cooled immediately after harvesting will begin to lose nutritional value. Spinach will lose about 1/2 folate in

416. Active people need extra protein or protein supplements to build muscles.

417. Of the choices listed which is the easiest way to incorporate exercise for the entire family into a daily schedule?

418. Boosting the body's immune system can prevent winter colds and other ills. what best protects you from catching a cold today?

419. It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown

420. In CrossFit alternatives to regular pullups include banded pullups chair-assisted pullups and jumping pullups known as what?

421. Which of the following is example of a low-impact cardiovascular exercise?

422. Which of the following would be considered optional equipment for beginning the P90X exercise regimen?

423. Which of the following fillings from Chipotle has the most iron per 4 ounces?

424. Oral hygiene does not contribute to good overall health.

425. Eggs can cause heart disease

426. A human will bleed to death on losing 10 percent of his or her blood.

427. What is the general rule for increasing exercise intensity for beginners and experienced athletes alike?

428. You must consume a protein directly after working out?

429. A 2015 study found some desk workers minimized the ill effects of sitting all day if they did what?

430. Drinking water after a workout is a good way to rehydrate. If your next meal is delayed what s a good on-the-go recovery snack?

431. The frequency of exercise can be progressed by

432. Liquids in the mouth and stomach which help break down foods into materials the body can use.

433. Butter has more calories than margarine.

434. Which of the following cooking methods can reduce folate and vitamin C content in spinach up to 1/2 less?

435. To prepare the knees for cardiovascular workouts one should focus on ___

436. In addition to getting a great workout research shows dance classes such as Zumba can reduce risk of what?

437. Vitamins and minerals are safe no matter how much you take.

438. Herbal supplements are regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration to make sure that they satisfy all claims that the manufacturers make for them.

439. Which of the following foods has the highest amount of calcium per cup?

440. Which of the following fruits has the most calories per 1/4 cup?

441. Which type of stretching is considered the most beneficial for athletic and muscle performance?

442. All the vitamins we need are within our bodies?

443. Which of the following is true about microwave cooking?

444. What is a triceps squat?

445. The following are advised to follow a low-residue diet or low-fiber diet except:

446. Vitamin D can be obtained from?

447. A person suffer from goiter because of lack of which mineral?

448. I feel healthy so it isn't important to schedule a regular checkup with your doctor?

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