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Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Quiz Answers

It's a game that Amazon users can play Weekly to win up to 20 Runs, which are convertible into Amazon Pay balance.

How to play?

  1. Open Amazon App.
  2. Search "Funzone Quiz" and select Funzone.
  3. Select Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Quiz.
  4. Start Quiz.

Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Quiz Solution

1. Who won the T-20 cricket match between Rajasthan & Chennai held on April 27th, 2023?

The Answer is : Rajasthan

2. Which of these cricketers won “Player of the Match” title for Lucknow vs Punjab T-20 match (28th April, 2023) ?

The Answer is : Marcus Stoinis

3. What was the target score for T-20 Cricket match between Hyderabad & Delhi held on April 29th, 2023?

The Answer is : 198

4. Punjab won by _____ number of wickets against Chennai on 30th April, 2023. Fill in the blanks

The Answer is : 4

5. Where was the match for Rajasthan against Mumbai held on 30th April, 2022?

The Answer is : Wankhede Stadium

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What are FZ Runs?

FZ Runs are guaranteed rewards you win for playing games on Amazon. Play one of the games from FunZone daily to win Runs. Once you have accumulated sufficient Runs, you can convert these for Amazon Pay balance and exciting rewards.

When will my FZ Runs expire?

Your Runs are set to expire on 15TH MAY 2023

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Amazon FZ Runs Weekly Quiz Answers

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