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What is FZ Points?

FZ points are rewards you win by playing games on amazon. FZ points can be redeemed from amazon play balance.

Why Participate in Amazon FZ Coins Quiz?

Amazon FZ Coins Quiz offers a thrilling opportunity to test your knowledge and win Amazone pay balance. Engage in the quiz, challenge yourself, and stand a chance to be among the lucky winners.

Today's Answers Unveiled:

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Using the Amazon FZ Coins Quiz answers is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Amazon app and navigate to the FZ Coins Quiz section.(Search "FunZone")
  2. Select the quiz and proceed to the questions.
  3. Input the correct answers based on our provided solutions.
  4. Submit your responses and await the results.

Amazon FZ Points Quiz Answers Today (29th December 2023) Of Daily Jackpot

What colour does yellow and red make?

Answer: Orange

Amazon FZ Points Quiz Answers Today 29th December 2023| Daily Quiz

  1. How many continents are there in the world?
    Answer: 7
  2. What is the smallest prime number?
    Answer: 2
  3. How many minutes are there in an hour?
    Answer: 60
  4. What time is 17:00?
    Answer: 5 PM
  5. How many cards are in a pack?
    Answer: 52

Amazon FZ Points Quiz Answers (25th Dec to 31th Dec 2023) Of Weekly Jackpot a legendary figure who is the traditional patron of Christmas who brings gifts to children.

Answer: Santa Claus

Amazon FZ Points Quiz Answers (25th Dec to 31th Dec 2023| Weekly Quiz

  1. What temperature does water boil at?
    Answer: 100 °C
  2. Which animal is the tallest in the world?
    Answer: Giraffe
  3. What do paleontologists study?
    Answer: Fossils
  4. How many eyes does this insect have?
    Answer: 5
  5. Name this palace situated in the city of Jaipur
    Answer: Hawa Mahal

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